Playing unblocked  at the school ! The game was created by LapaMauve who made other io games. Devastio is inspired by human life in primitive society. Because our character in this game is also collecting and building his own shelter.

The main goal in Devastio is to survive. To survive, you should pay attention to the state of water, energy and food. Of course, it is not limited to the night, you must fire with the firewood of the night to protect from the cold. Finally, you must shelter to protect yourself and your friends. In doing so, you must escape from your enemies with the help of trees.

Although it sounds hard, I think it is an addictive game unblocked at the school like other .io games.


Use the arrow keys or WASD to move our character
Left click mouse to hit our enemies
We press the shift key to accelerate.
We use the E key to interact
Press the M key for the map.
To use character skills and arts, we press the C key.